Need a DNA Test?

Need a DNA Test? Not sure about using a self-collection kit? You can book an appointment at one of our many DNA Clinics today.

With 44 DNA Clinics around the country, we provide unrivalled access to appointment based DNA testing. In addition, if there isn’t a clinic close by, we have mobile collection services that also cover a large portion of the UK.

Furthermore, our new DNA testing website provides a full listing of all clinics. This includes a handy Google map with transport links and parking.

Also, all DNA Clinics provide the following DNA Tests:

Remember, you can also order our branded DNA testing kits from Boots as well. But we will always advise an appointment based DNA test, even for peace of mind purposes. This way, you can be sure the mouth swabs have been collected correctly. Plus you can ask any questions you have at the appointment.

Call today on 0800 988 7107 to discuss your appointment options.

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