Accredited DNA Testing

DNA Clinics

Founded in 2005, the DNA Clinics brand was the first in the UK to provide face to face DNA tests. Originally, we provided appointment based tests through a network of 23 clinics. Now, as Crystal Health Group, we have more than 100 locations throughout the UK. Managed through our head office in Manchester, we can book all types of tests in rapid time frames. For example, some of these include:

  • Paternity test, to establish the biological father of a child.
  • Maternity test, to establish the biological mother of a child.
  • Sibling test, to determine if siblings are full, half or unrelated.
  • Grandparent test, to establish the biological grandparents of a grandchild.
  • Other complex relationship tests.

Our founder, Nichola McChrystal, is a Biomedical Scientist with a strong ethical background. She believes in providing a service that can give accurate answers in the right way. With this in mind, our team of Clinical Advisors are all trained and experienced. In addition to testing services, we provide post-test counselling services at selected clinics. This means that you will be getting the best advice and support possible. As a result, DNA Clinics is a trusted brand partner with Boots. We are the only company to sell an extensive range of DNA test kits through

You can view our credentials here. This provides confidence that your test results are accurate. Also, analysis of your samples takes place in a UK laboratory. Thus, providing further assurance that your DNA test is in safe hands.

Please feel free to call for free on 0800 988 7107 and discuss your requirements. We will ensure you choose the right test for your needs and provide you with the answers you are looking for. In addition, you can also check out our latest news articles to find answers to your questions.


Paternity Testing

A Paternity DNA Test establishes the biological father of a child. This test can take place without the biological mother. But, we do recommend the mother takes part to increase the accuracy of the Paternity Test.


Sibling Testing

A Sibling DNA Test determines the biological relationship between potential siblings. This provides a result that reveals a full or half sibling relationship. Also, we can determine if there is no biological relationship at all i.e. unrelated.


Maternity Testing

A Maternity DNA Test establishes the biological mother of a child. Although it is rare for us to receive a request for this type of test, it can be important in cases of immigration.


Grandparent Testing

The Grandparent DNA Test establishes a relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. Also, this is a useful test for establishing indirect paternity of a child.

Boots DNA Testing Kit

Boots DNA Test Kits

As a valued partner, we are the only testing provider to sell a range of test kits with Boots. Visit to order your Paternity, Sibling or Grandparent DNA Test kit.

Legal DNA Testing

Legal DNA Testing

We perform legal testing services for solicitors, social services, independent agencies and individuals. Also, we provide ID confirmation with all test result packages as standard.