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Legal DNA Testing

What is legal DNA testing? This type of DNA test involves the identification of the people taking part in the DNA analysis. In addition, legal DNA testing involves stricter chain of custody procedures for the DNA samples and paperwork.

Legal DNA Testing

How can legal DNA test results be used?

For use in court or for legal matters, DNA testing must be performed in an accredited UKAS 17025 accredited laboratory. In addition, our DNA laboratory reports will state that the test has been performed to Ministry of Justice standards. You can use the results from a legal DNA test for the following purposes.

  • Contact/Custody orders
  • Change a Birth Certificate
  • Child Maintenance
  • Disputed trusts or Wills
  • Immigration
  • Individual Profiling for legal identification

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you use a Legal DNA Test?

You must use this service if you need the results for any legal purpose. Also, because of the ID required, you must also have your DNA samples collected by us. This can be at one of our DNA Clinics, or we can arrange for a sample collector to visit your location.

There are a variety of reasons why you might need a DNA test for legal purposes. We have listed some of these above for you. But in some cases, such as immigration, requirements can be quite complex. In this case, we would recommend calling 0800 988 7107 and speaking to a Clinical Advisor to discuss your options.

What happens at the appointment for a legal DNA test?

The clinic or sample collector will guide you through the appointment. This will include all paperwork and collecting your DNA samples. Also, you must bring with you the following identification documents:

  • Two passport sized photographs for each person taking part in the test.
  • Current photo identification. For example, passport, driving licence or national ID card.
  • For clients under 16 years of age, a birth certificate is acceptable if no other forms of ID exist.

Also, for paternity DNA testing, we advise that the biological mother takes part in the test. This is a requirement of some UK courts. However, we can talk you through this requirement when you call.

What is a ‘Peace of Mind’ DNA Test?

This type of DNA test is for personal information only. For instance, if you don’t need a DNA test for legal purposes, this would be the alternative. Also, the peace of mind option has some benefits over the legal option. For instance, it is a cheaper DNA test, and you can take your own DNA samples. In addition, appointments for peace of mind DNA tests are also available at our DNA Clinics.

How much does a legal DNA test cost?

Our prices for a legal DNA test are competitive and reflect the additional chain of custody measures we put in place to ensure test results can be used for legal purposes. You can view examples of legal DNA test prices below.

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