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Maternity DNA Testing

Maternity DNA testing will confirm the biological mother of a child. Normally, the most common reason for maternity testing is for legal purposes. For example, this could help prove that a biological relationship exists for UK residency reasons.

Maternity DNA Testing

How does a Maternity DNA Test work?

We analyse many genetic locations in this test. A person possesses two (of many possible) alleles at each genetic location. First, we will identify the alleles using numbers and produce a list of two columns of numbers for each location. These ‘numbers’ come from the parents at conception. One comes from the mother and one from the father.

Next, we list the DNA profiles of the mother and child together. From this, the child’s alleles should match up with those on the mother's profile against each location.

In this case, if the alleles match at all locations, we will include the person as the biological mother of the child. This proves they have passed these genetic markers to the child at conception.

Locations where there is NO match will exclude a person as a biological mother. This is because it is only possible to pass on to your off-spring the alleles which you have in your own DNA profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the Maternity DNA test results?

The analysis time needed in the laboratory for the maternity DNA test is three working days*. We will always endeavour to get the results to you as quickly as possible. However, during busy periods in the lab, results may only be available on the fifth working day.

*Quoted lead-times are based on from when samples are booked onto the laboratory system. Also, quoted lead-times do not apply when issues arise from documents or samples provided that do not meet our quality guidelines.

How do I order a Maternity DNA Test?

Here are the options available to you:

  • Order a free Maternity Test from DNA Clinics*.
  • Call 0800 988 7107 to make an appointment at a DNA Clinic or order a *DNA self-collection Home Kit.
  • Call 0800 988 7107 to arrange a home visit from a sample collection officer.
  • You or your solicitor can contact us to organise a legal maternity DNA test for court purposes.

* Please note, you can only use self-collection kits for peace of mind purposes only. This test cannot be used for legal purposes.

How do I collect my own maternity DNA samples?

We have provided some useful guidance for test participants collecting their own samples for a DNA maternity test.

How accurate is the Maternity DNA Test?

In comparison, this test does not work the same way as paternity DNA testing. We will only test the mother and child. As a result, the statistical output will provide either a positive (inclusion) or negative (exclusion) result. Also, if the mother is not available, you could consider sibling DNA testing or grandparent DNA testing as a way of establishing maternity. Please call 0800 988 7107 and speak to a Clinical Advisor to discuss your options.

How much does a maternity DNA test cost?

You can see examples of maternity DNA test prices using the link below.

Local DNA Clinics, and mobile locations throughout the UK

For your convenience, we have a network of DNA Clinics throughout the UK. As a result, we can provide maternity DNA test appointments for you in your local area. Alternatively, we can arrange for a certified sample collection officer to visit your home or other convenient location of your choice.