Why do I need a DNA test for Immigration?

Immigration DNA testing is now used by the Home Office and British Posts overseas to confirm disputed relationships. Also, an accredited laboratory must process samples for all immigration DNA tests.  Accredited by the Ministry of Justice, our laboratory can carry out parentage tests directed by the civil courts in England and Wales. As a result, the Home Office recognises and accepts our DNA test reports for immigration purposes.

This type of test requires the identification of the people taking part in the DNA analysis. In addition, this also includes stricter chain of custody over the DNA samples. As a result, you can use the results from our Legal DNA Test for Immigration cases.

What DNA Tests can be used for Immigration?

  • The following relationship tests can be undertaken for immigration purposes:
  • Paternity – to establish the biological father of a child.
  • Maternity – to establish the biological mother of a child.
  • Sibling – to determine if individuals are full/half siblings or unrelated. Also an indirect way of testing for paternity.
  • Grandparent – to establish the biological grandparents of a child. Also an indirect way of testing for paternity.
  • Avuncular (Uncle/Aunt) – to determine an uncle or aunt relationship for potential nieces or nephews.

Please note, In more complex cases such as siblingship or second-degree relative testing (e.g uncle/aunt and niece /nephew), the more closer relatives we test, the more conclusive the test results will be.


How do I arrange an Immigration DNA test?

If all test participants are currently living in the UK, then we will organise appointments at your nearest clinic. Or, you may choose for a mobile collection officer to visit an address of your choice. The clinic or sample collector will guide you through the appointment. This will include collecting a DNA sample from your cheek and completion of all paperwork.

You must bring with you the following identification documents:

  • Two passport size photographs for each person taking part in the immigration test.
  • Current photo identification. For example, passport, driving licence or national ID card.
  • For clients under 16 years of age, a birth certificate is acceptable if no other forms of ID exist.

Important note for Immigration DNA Paternity Testing. We will always recommend that the biological mother takes part in the test. As a result, this will enable us to achieve the most conclusive result.

If any individuals are overseas then we can provide details of clinics that are able to collect the DNA samples. Collection and courier costs vary depending on the country. Also, you must organise this appointment directly with your chosen overseas clinic. Or, we can also courier collection kits to an approved overseas doctor of your choice.

Please note that the embassy may not accept your report unless you have registered with them. Also, they will take your DNA samples at the embassy.  If you are unsure you should contact your embassy before registering your case with us.


How do I order an Immigration DNA Test?

There are many options available to you, these include:

  • Call to make an appointment at one of our DNA Clinics
  • Call to arrange for a sample collection technician to visit your location
  • You or your solicitor can contact us to organise an Immigration DNA Test


How much will this DNA test cost?

Prices vary depending on the complexity of testing and location of test participants. Please contact one of our helpful Clinical Advisors who will be happy to provide the cost based on your circumstances.

For example, the cost of a normal Paternity Legal DNA Test for mother, child and father is only £375. This includes a clinic appointment, test analysis at the lab and your results package.


Why choose DNA Clinics?

  • We are a brand partner with Boots
  • Processing of all Legal DNA tests is in a UK laboratory with UKAS accreditation
  • The laboratory is on the MOJ accredited list of laboratories for Legal DNA Testing
  • A standard turnaround of only 3-5 days for Legal DNA Test results
  • Established in 2005, our team of experts will guide you through the science
  • Unrivalled convenience with a choice of over 50 DNA Clinics nationwide
  • We can recommend approved overseas Clinics to you.
  • Certification to 3 ISO standards. This includes Quality, Information Security and Environment standards
  • We are a registered company with the Information Commissioner’s Office