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DNA Clinics will always advise an appointment for your DNA test. However, there are occasions and circumstances when our customers prefer to collect their own mouth swab samples for DNA testing. DNA Clinics self-collection DNA testing kits are available to order by telephone by calling 0800 988 7107 or on-line at DNA test kits ordered on-line are sent out for FREE. The payment for your chosen DNA test is payable when you return your samples to DNA Clinics.

Self-collection DNA test kits are a convenient and more affordable option. However, the support and advice you receive when making an appointment to have your DNA sample taken is invaluable and we will always recommend this option to you. To locate your nearest DNA testing clinic, pharmacy or mobile sample collection service please use the location search tool.

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Common Questions & Answers about DNA self-collection kits

Q. Can I get a DNA test for free?

A. DNA Clinics do not offer free DNA testing. The service in the UK for establishing genetic biological relationships is predominantly carried out by the private sector. The NHS does not offer DNA testing for paternity or other relationships. Companies offering free DNA testing are falsely advertising the service. DNA Clinics provide the DNA test kit free of charge, with payment for the test due on return of your samples.

Q. Where can I get a free DNA test?

A. As stated above, the NHS in the UK does not offer genetic testing for establishing biological relationships. Here at DNA Clinics, we pride ourselves on the clinical and ethical approach we provide for our DNA testing service. DNA Clinics may consider offering free DNA testing to individuals or families who consent to having their 'story' and experience of the DNA testing process published or reported in the media. This will only be considered for appropriate situations. Please call 0800 988 7107 for further information.

Q. Why are other DNA tests offered for £59?

A. Be aware of DNA tests advertised at this price. DNA Clinics have received calls from many anxious individuals who have had these DNA tests carried out for £59 only to realise that the test has been performed at an overseas non UK accredited laboratory. DNA Clinics most affordable test is a Peace of Mind Paternity DNA test available for £119 from Whilst this is more expensive than the £59 DNA test, you have the reassurance that all testing has been performed at Crystal Health ISO17025 accredited laboratory using strict chain of custody protocols.

Q. Is there a difference in Accuracy for self-collection DNA test kits?

A. No. All of our DNA tests are performed at Crystal Health accredited laboratories. There is no difference or distinction given between self collection or appointment based Peace of Mind DNA tests.

Q. Can the DNA test kit be used for legal purposes?

A. Unfortunately the self collections kits are available as Peace of Mind tests only. The closest service we offer that can be used for legal purposes is the GP DNA test sample collection service.

Q. Can i do a DNA test on a child without the Mother's knowledge?

A. Please see the DNA testing guides for information regarding parental responsibility and consent for DNA testing.

3 Simple Steps for DNA Test Self-Collection...

Step 1Order your DNA test kit for free

Visit and order your chosen DNA test. The DNA test kit is free.

Step 2Collect your DNA samples and complete the forms

Send the completed forms, DNA samples and payment for your DNA test back to DNA Clinics for processing in the laboratory.

Step 3DNA Test Results

You will receive your DNA test results 5-7 working days after your samples are received in the laboratory. If you have chosen to have a more complex test e.g. Sibling, this can take up to 10 working days.