DNA testing price lists

Father & SonPaternity DNA Testing Prices >>>

Paternity DNA testing establishes whether a male is the biological father of a child/individual.

Happy Family 1 No GradientRelated Father Paternity DNA Testing Prices >>>

A Related Father paternity test is offered when 1 or more of the alleged fathers are biologically related.

Mother & ChildMaternity DNA Testing Prices >>>

Maternity DNA testing establishes whether a female is the biological mother of a child/individual.

Male RelativesY Chromosome DNA Testing Prices >>>

Y Chromosome DNA testing establishes the existence of a paternal family link between male individuals only.

SiblingsSibling DNA Testing Prices >>>

Sibling DNA testing can establish whether individuals have one or two biological parents in common, or whether the individuals are unrelated.

Auntie & UncleUncle / Auntie DNA Testing Prices >>>

Uncle / Auntie DNA testing establishes the existence of potential biological relationship between individuals.

GrandadGrandparent DNA Testing Prices >>>

Grandparent DNA testing can establish whether a biological relationship exists between a potential Grandparent and Grandchild.

TwinsTwin Zygosity DNA Testing Prices >>>

The Twin DNA test will establishes whether twins are identical twins or fraternal twins.

Indian FamilyExtended Family DNA Testing Prices >>>

Extended Family DNA testing establishes whether true biological relationship exist between individuals, even when a given relationship is unknown.

Dna In Test TubeIndividual Profile DNA Testing Prices >>>

Individual Profile DNA testing provides a detailed report that can be used for identification purposes for future legal matters.