Sample Collection Options

As well a DNA test appointment, we offer a vast choice of DNA sample collection options. Since 2005, we have grown a vast network of DNA Clinics and mobile collection locations. These now cover almost all the UK. Also, we certify all collection officers on an annual basis. As an alternative, you can buy our trusted self-collection DNA kits from Boots. In all, we offer the following DNA sample collection options:

Clinic DNA Test Appointments

We operate professional and friendly DNA Clinics, located in or close to all towns and cities in the UK.

Each of our DNA testing clinics offer professional face to face consultation. Also, selected clinics offer optional counselling support. Your individual DNA test case manager will organise all aspects of your DNA test appointment. Also, they will prepare the necessary paperwork and documentation. Furthermore, they will confirm any requirements and prepare the clinic for your appointment. At your appointment, we will take your DNA samples and answer any questions you have.


What are the benefits of visiting a DNA Testing Clinic?

We have convenient Locations around the UK & Ireland. Also, all DNA tests are available at DNA testing clinics. You can also have a Legal DNA Test at any of our clinics along with the ‘Peace of mind’ option.

Also, we offer flexible options for separate DNA test appointments. This can be of benefit to you in certain situations. The appointment is face to face giving you the support and advice you need. Also, this means we can answer any questions at your appointment. You will feel comfortable in a clinical and professional setting. Furthermore, at selected DNA Clinics, optional counselling support is available.


DNA Mobile Collection

Each of our mobile sample collectors provide professional face to face consultation. Your DNA test case manager will organise your appointment with the mobile collector. Also, they will prepare the necessary paperwork and documentation. This includes advising you of any specific requirements. We will also ensure the sample collector receives all details about your appointment. At your DNA test appointment, the health professional will take your DNA samples. Furthermore, they will be be able to answer any questions you may have about the process.


What are the benefits of using the DNA mobile collection service?

This service provides convenience for collection of your samples at your location. Also, all DNA tests are available using this sample collection method. This includes both Legal and ‘Peace of Mind’ testing options. Again, we can cater for separate appointments for certain situations. Our experienced collection officers can answer any questions at your appointment.


DNA Tests available with appointments

Making an appointment to have your samples collected means that you have access to all DNA tests. These include:


DNA self-collection kits

We will always recommend the DNA test appointment option for collection of your samples. But there are situations when it is not practical or possible to attend an appointment. As a result, we have developed professional DNA Testing Kits. Our kits are one of the best available on the market. So much so, that Boots sell them on their website. The instructions are concise and easy to understand. Also, there is a link to a short video showing how to take your DNA mouth swab sample.

As mentioned, you can order through Boots. Also, you can order a free DNA test kit from our own online store. You will pay nothing for the kit or postage, and the kit is the same as the one sold through Boots. Our DNA Home kits are still a popular option. You can order one by calling 0800 988 7107. The benefit of ordering a home kit is that you can speak to a Clinical Advisor on the phone about the test before you order.


How can I arrange a DNA test appointment?

By calling 0800 988 7107. One of our Clinical Advisors will help you choose the right DNA test. Furthermore, we will explain about prices, payment and how long it will take. Next, they will find the best location for your appointment. After this, we will arrange the appointment for your chosen date and time. You will the receive your appointment letter by email. This will detail all the information you will need for the appointment.


How can I order a DNA Test kit?

There are three ways you can order a self-collection kit, these are:

  1. DNA Clinics branded kits from Boots
  2. DNA kits from our online website, the DNA kit and postage are free
  3. Calling 0800 988 7107 to order a DNA Home Kit