How to take a mouth swab for a DNA test

It is simple to take a mouth swab for a DNA test. Also, it is painless, which is important when taking a sample from a child.

Cells not Saliva!

Another reason we use the mouth swab is because it is an easy way to collect human cells. In the case of DNA testing, it is the cheek cells we need. People often think it is saliva we need. Although your saliva does contain some cells, these are not enough for the DNA test.

By rubbing on the inside of your cheek for around 20 seconds, the mouth swab will collect enough cheek cells. Also, we provide 2 mouth swabs for each person. We would use the second swab if someone had not collected enough cheek cells on the first.


DNA is robust!

The swabs are air dried by flicking them. This is to reduce any excessive saliva. After this, they get placed in a sample envelope with the persons details on. Your cells (DNA) is very robust, and will last for a few months on the mouth swab.

The video provides a helpful demonstration for collecting your DNA samples.

The instructions within our DNA kits are simple and clear. But if you do have any questions, please call us. One of our team will guide you through the instructions.