At DNA Clinics, one of our main aims is to provide you with convenience for your DNA test. As a result, we offer unrivalled choice when it comes to the collection of your DNA samples.


So, where is your nearest DNA testing clinic? The tool below allows you to put in your postcode and search for a DNA testing service near you. As you will see, we have a DNA Clinic in most major cities in the UK. Also, if the clinic is not located near enough for you, you can always request a DNA Home Kit. These are available in the following ways.

  • Order a Boots DNA Test Kit.
  • Or, order a free DNA Test Kit.
  • Last, you can order a DNA Home Kit by calling 0800 988 7107.


DNA Clinics is a brand operated by Crystal Health Group. The company provides other bio-testing services, including occupational health screening. As such, there are many other testing locations in the UK that can offer DNA sample collection.

So, if you cannot find a DNA Clinic near you, please visit Crystal Health Group by clicking the button below. Please note, this will open a new window and take you to a similar location search tool.


Other Testing Locations


Finally, please remember, if you need a Legal DNA Test, you must have your samples collected by us. We must verify your identity at the appointment. This is not possible for a DNA Home Kit. Please call and speak to an advisor if you have any questions.