Samples For DNA Testing

DNA Test Mouth Swabs

Did you know, people still expect to have blood taken for one of our DNA tests. You will be happy to know that we only use cotton mouth swabs. So completely pain free and no needles.

Also, there is another belief that we are collecting saliva samples. In fact, we don’t need saliva, as this does not contain enough DNA for us to analyse. It is the cheek cells on the inside of your mouth we collect. The cells in your cheek contain all the DNA we need to perform your chosen test.


Collecting Your Sample Using DNA Test Mouth Swabs

There are two mouth swabs per person. Depending on the DNA test chosen, you, or our sample collection officer will perform the collection procedure. Using the DNA test mouth swabs, gently rub up and down on the inside of the cheek. Do this for about 20 seconds. As mentioned, we need two mouth swabs from each person. This is to ensure we have enough DNA for the laboratory.

As expected, young children and babies can be quite anxious during the collection procedure. Therefore, it is a good idea for any adults to collect their own sample first. This provides reassurance to the child and shows it is painless. Also, especially for babies, the mouth swab can become saturated with saliva. It is important to collect the cheek cells, so ensure the DNA test mouth swabs are pushed against the inside of the cheek.

Next, the DNA samples are packed securely in a sample envelope with your details recorded on. Ensure that the mouth swabs are air dried prior to placement in the envelope. This is done my flicking the swab in the air for about 10 seconds. After this, the next time the envelope is opened is in the laboratory. This ensures chain of custody over the samples. This happens for all DNA tests. But it is especially important for legal DNA testing.

So, the whole sample collection is painless and straightforward. Also, our DNA Test Mouth Swabs video provides helpful guidance on how the mouth swabs work.

Finally, for self-collection DNA kits, such as the Boots DNA test, you can always call our team for guidance. In addition, we provide full and detailed instructions in each of our kits.