Maternity DNA Testing Prices

We have an extensive range of Maternity DNA tests and prices. As a result, this means that there are many cost options available to you.

The price depends on the type of collection and DNA test you choose. Below, we have provided some examples of what a Maternity DNA test could cost based on your choices.

First, there are three types of sample collection service, these are:

  • An appointment for your Maternity test at a DNA Clinic.
  • Or, an appointment at a location of your *choice by a mobile collection officer.
  • Or, by ordering a DNA Maternity test self-collection kit.

*geographic and practical limitations may apply for certain requests

Here are some examples based on the three options above.

Appointment based Maternity DNA Test prices

First, let’s look at appointments at a DNA Clinic.

If you wanted to book a ‘peace of mind’ Maternity Test at a clinic, the cost would be £200. This is for a mother and child. Or, if you wanted to test an extra child, this would increase the cost by £50. So, to test a mother and two children, the total cost is £250.

What would be the cost of a Legal DNA Test using the example above? The cost for mother and child is £320. The extra person cost is £75. So, the total for mother and two children is £395.

Also, if you wanted to test two alleged mothers, then this would need to separate test analysis. We would not class the extra mather an extra person.


Mobile Collection Maternity DNA Test prices

If you choose this option, the prices for a Maternity DNA Test would be as follows. The basic cost for a mother and child is £230. The extra cost to have another child tested is £50. So the total cost for mother and two children is £280.

The Legal Maternity Test cost is £340 for a mother and child.. The extra person (child) cost is £75. So, the total cost for testing two children with the mother is £415.


DNA Maternity Test Kits

If you prefer to take your own DNA mouth swab samples, you can order a DNA home kit. There are two options for the Maternity DNA home kit.

  1. You can order a Maternity Test Kit from our online store. The DNA test kit is free and the test analysis fee on return of your samples is only £99.
  2. You can call 0800 988 7107 and order a Maternity Home DNA kit from a Clinical Advisor. The cost of the kit is £20, and the test analysis is £119.

To have an extra person (child) tested for any of the above options is only £35


Split Payment Options

To help spread the cost of your DNA test, we offer a split payment option.


For self-collection services:
We need the first half of the test cost when we receive your samples to begin the analysis.


For appointment based services:
To confirm the appointment, you must pay at least the first half of the test cost.

To receive the results of the test, you must pay the remaining balance.

This is a popular option and is available for all Maternity DNA Tests.


What do we include in the Maternity DNA Test price?

We include the following services in the prices advertised for all Maternity tests:

  • Maternity DNA Sample Collection for up to 3 individuals.
  • Dispatch of Maternity DNA test kits.
  • Any deposits required for your Maternity test appointment or test kits.
  • Your maternity test appointment.
  • Full support from a dedicated case manager.
  • Laboratory DNA test analysis of your samples.
  • All Maternity DNA testing correspondence and reports.
  • Also, Legal DNA Test costs include the following:
  • Collection of legal identification for legal maternity tests.
  • Legal verification by a trained sample collector for legal maternity tests.


What is not included in the price?

  • Post Maternity test support and optional counselling.
  • Testing more people. For example, an extra child. We have detailed these costs above.
  • Unusual mobile collection requests. For example, at a prison or hospital location.
  • Please note, all above prices for appointment based DNA tests are exclusive of VAT.