Almost half of UK men who take a paternity test turn out not to be the real father

The research was undertaken by DNA Clinics in 2016.

The statistics were from results of 5,000 paternity tests performed up to June 2016. Results show 48 per cent or 2,396 of UK men tested were not the biological father. Fifty-two per cent, or 2,604, of those tested were proven to be the father.

The highest proportion of men ruled out as the biological father was in southern England. 59 per cent fell into this category.

Wales too showed six out of 10 – 57 per cent – excluded as the biological father.

For England as a whole, the figure was 51 per cent. In Northern Ireland, 42 per cent, while in Scotland the figure was 39 per cent.

The tests were in cases where there was doubt about the identity of the child’s father. All tests were for personal information reasons, rather than for legal purposes.

They included the case of a woman who slept with two men on the same night and became pregnant. Another involved a woman who had a one-night stand with a close friend, without her fiancé’s knowledge.

Others featured a woman whose boyfriend was in prison when she discovered she was pregnant. Also, a man who thought he was unable to father children and found out his wife was expecting. He was the baby’s dad.

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