Training Documents for Sample Collectors

Individual DNA Testing Guides >>>

SequencingContains information on how DNA testing works and what each test can be used for. Use this information to learn basic facts about the DNA tests you will be involved in and take particular note of any associated limitations.

These guides can also be printed by you to provide clients with additional information.

DNA Sample Collection Protocols >>>

Mouth SwabThis section contains comprehensive and visual protocols demonstrating how to collect DNA test samples, what documentation to include and how to seal the samples in accordance with BioClinics protocols.

Please note, collection of blood and forensic tissue samples can only be carried out by a qualified health professional.

Working Documents >>>

Magnifying Glass

This section contains all the working documents you will require to perform DNA sample collections.You can access the documents here to become familiar with layout and content. They can also be printed should they be required.

However, these documents are supplied in each DNA testing kit and should only be printed in emergency situations.

Sample Collector Assessment >>>

Success Key

As part of BioClinics quality control, each sample collector must complete an annual assessment which can be accessed here. Please print and complete the assessment and return to BioClinics.

On successful completion of the assessment you will be issued with a certificate of competence.