Understanding Paternity Test Results

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Making sure that you understand the result of your DNA test is very important and is one of the main focuses of Crystal Health and our vast network of DNA testing clinics. Below is a brief explanation of how a paternity test result is reported.

When a match is found during a paternity test case, this means that the DNA profile of the alleged father has matched the DNA profile of the child/ren The result of the paternity test will state that a probability of >99.9999 has been obtained for inclusion of the male as a biological parent of the child/ren tested.

This paternity test result means that the person tested is at least 1 million times more likely to be the biological parent of the child tested, than an unrelated individual from the same ethnic group.

When an alleged father if excluded as the biological parent of a child in a paternity test, this means that when his DNA profile was examined next to the child’s DNA profile, the profile did not match in the way a biological parents profile should match with a child. Instead of the paternity test showing a consistent match between the alleles in the DNA profile of the alleged father and child, there were instead mismatches. When this type of paternity test result is obtained, then a 0% probability of paternity exists.

This result means that there is 0% chance that the male tested is the biological father of the child.