Choosing a Paternity Test – Peace of Mind or Legal?

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Having a paternity test is always a difficult time for the individuals and families involved. When deciding whether you require a legal test or a peace of mind paternity test, the following information may help.

Peace of Mind DNA Tests

These DNA tests are for personal information only, as the identities of the individuals involved are not legally verified.

Peace of mind paternity tests are cheaper than the legal test versions. This is because the paperwork involved is not as extensive. However, the DNA paternity test itself is exactly the same as a DNA test that is used for legal purposes. The paternity test is just as accurate & the laboratory process is identical.

These Peace of Mind Paternity tests can save time & money, giving the answers needed, without long, complicated & costly legal processes. All the DNA tests offered can be ordered as a peace of mind option.

Even if you choose to have the paternity test for your own personal information, you can still have your samples taken by a professional at one of our DNA testing clinics. You do not need to use the self-collection home kits if you feel you still require the support provided at the clinic sessions.

Legal Test Services

A legal DNA paternity test is required if the paternity results are to be used for legal purposes. The difference in price compared to a peace of mind paternity test is due to the strict protocols that must be followed. This includes the verification of a test participant’s identity, when DNA samples are taken and the traceability of all samples to demonstrate a strict chain of custody. A strict protocol is followed by both the sample collector and the laboratories so that the results of the DNA paternity test cannot be disputed when used for the purpose it is required.

If you require a paternity test for legal purposed, you must visit your local DNA testing clinic or use our Registered Nurse Service. The paternity testing process cannot be undertaken using the Home DNA Testing Kit. All our DNA tests can be ordered as a Legal Test Service option.