Advantages of Choosing a DNA Testing Clinic

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When choosing how to carry out a DNA test, it is important to be aware of what best suits the situation. The option of a home DNA paternity test kit or home kit test may seem like a simple option. But there are limitations to carrying out any test in this way. The Crystal Health Group home DNA test kits can be used for any Test in the Peace of mind DNA testing options. DNA kits cannot be used for legal tests. However, the option of a do it yourself kit will suit some couples and families. For others who want a different, we have a network of DNA testing Clinics throughout the UK and Ireland. At your DNA Clinic appointment you will be assigned a case manager. Your case manager will take your DNA test samples, fill out the relevant documentation and answer any questions you may have. All our DNA testing Clinics have onsite counselling services should you require further support.

The DNA testing clinics are run discreetly, offering face to face advice and support. They offer professional sample collection and legal identification of test participants if required for Legal Paternity tests or other forms of tests such as sibling DNA tests

Many of clients welcome the presence of an impartial person while DNA samples are being collected. For many people taking the DNA samples themselves at home can place more stress on an already difficult situation.

Sometimes proof is required that DNA samples are taken from the correct individuals and the Crystal Health DNA testing clinics will happily help with his to put doubts to rest.

Our DNA testing clinics do not only offer Legal DNA tests. If you want to take a private peace of mind test but still take advantage of the professional support offered at the DNA Clinics, then this is no problem for Crystal Health. All our DNA testing clinics offer Peace of mind DNA testing. This means you have the choice of attending a clinic for your DNA test or using the home DNA testing kit.

The clinics are conveniently situated throughout the UK so that travelling to them is no problem at all as you will probably have a clinic in your local area. For example, many years ago private DNA testing in London was only available by using the home DNA testing kit option. At present Crystal Health offers a choice of London DNA testing clinics so individuals and families can access the support required locally. Although the Harley Street DNA Clinic is amongst the popular visit, we have expanded further with our clinics outside of London. We have well established clinics out DNA testing in Birmingham, Essex, Kent and Reading. Our clinics also reach far up north carrying out DNA tests in Glasgow, paternity tests in Aberdeen and over the water we are leading providers of DNA testing in Ireland, with clinics performing DNA tests in Dublin, Belfast and throughout Ireland. Our clinics can also be found in the south with DNA testing clinics in Bristol, and also providing paternity tests in Portsmouth and Southampton.

We now carry out more DNA paternity tests in Central Manchester than ever before. With the increase demand of DNA tests on the rise, our Manchester DNA testing clinic is one of the busiest of our clinics. With Manchester being a huge borough, Crystal Health decided to cover all aspects of areas and are running DNA testing services in the Didsbury, Salford, Stockport and Wilmslow DNA clinics. This provides further local support to those who are in dire need of DNA testing in Salford and the surrounding area.

No matter which of our Clinics you choose, our professionally trained Sample Collectors are fully trained to provide best practice. We understand the sensitivity of DNA cases, therefore Clinical Advisors are on hand to help you throughout the testing process and offer unconditional support.

You can find which of our clinics is closest to you by entering your postcode, area or address into our search tool. Click here to be taken to our DNA Clinic Location page.

To make things even simpler, our team of Clinical Advisors will arrange all the appointments for you with just one call, and will manage your test from start to finish to provide you with a complete service that you can trust.