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How does a Paternity DNA Test Work?
What is a Paternity test and how does a DNA Paternity test work?

Choosing a Paternity Test - Home or Legal?
Explains the difference between a home paternity test and legal paternity testing?

Understanding Paternity Test Results
How accurate is a paternity test result and what does it mean?

Why is the Mothers DNA recommended?
Why Testing the Mothers DNA is so important for a Paternity Test.

Related alleged fathers – DNA tests limitations.  
Can a Paternity test provide a result when the two alleged fathers are closely related?

Change a Birth Certificate with a Paternity Test.
How to change the father's name on the Birth Certificate by using a Paternity test.

Paternity Tests increase throughout the UK  
Why DNA paternity tests are on an increase and why do they matter

Consent for DNA and Parental Responsibility?  
Do you have the right to consent for a child in a Paternity test case?

Advantages of Choosing a DNA Testing Clinic  
Why DNA Clinics offer more.

Advantages of Choosing the Home Paternity Test Kit.
Reasons the home DNA kit could be right for you.