Published May 28, 2014 14:06

Family 3DNA testing to establish biological relationships has been around for a number of years now. At first, it was seen as a very technical and specialised service used primarily for legal reasons. This perception had changed in recent years and you might even say has reversed.

BioClinics has seen a sharp rise in the number of complex DNA tests being requested for both legal and personal information. These complex tests include sibling analysis, cousin testing and extended family studies. In the past, clients may have been bamboozled by the terminology associated with such DNA tests and ultimately put off by the technical jargon thrown at them. However, with the amount of information and knowledge available on the internet, people seem to be brushing up on the subject of DNA testing before deciding whether or not to go ahead.

There are other factors that have seen people becoming more comfortable with DNA tests These include the accessibility to have DNA samples taken, DNA Clinics currently have more than 120 DNA testing locations around the UK. DNA Testing techniques have also improved in recent years.

One thing that hasn't changed though is DNA Clinics ethical approach to DNA testing, providing convenience, confidence and support through a network of genuine DNA Clinics throughout the UK and Ireland.

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