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What is a Y Chromosome DNA Test?


This test is used for establishing whether 2 or more individuals belong to the same paternal line.

• Tests up to 16 DNA markers – More accurate than the usual 11 markers tested by other laboratories.
• ISO 17025 Accredited/ 100% Accurate Results
• Legal Y Chromosome test and Peace of Mind options available

How the Y Chromosome DNA test works:

At conception, a male child receives a complete copy of their biological fathers Y Chromosome. Because the Y chromosome is passed on intact to male offspring, the Y chromosome passed on by a biological father to his son is exactly the same (except for random mutation) as the Y chromosome he received from his father. He in turn received it from his father and so on. In addition, the Y chromosome of biological brothers, paternal uncles and male cousins will also be identical.

The DNA test analyses up to 16 genetic locations on the DNA strand. Individuals from the same paternal line will match at all locations.

This DNA test can only be performed on Males, as Females do not possess Y Chromosomes.

Examples of when this test can be used are as follows:

  • To test who the father of a child is when the father cannot be tested
  • To test whether two brothers have the same father when the father cannot be tested
  • To test whether two individuals are cousins
  • To test many potential relationships along the paternal line of a family

What are the limitations of the Y Chromosome Test

The Y chromosome test will provide evidence that a paternal link exists between two males but it will not identify what that paternal link is. If you need a specific question answered, our experts recommend the Sibling or Extended Family DNA test.

Advanced Complex DNA Testing Service

These advanced tests are highly recommended by our experts and can be used for the following:

  • to prove two children have the same father
  • for sibling DNA tests
  • for auntie DNA tests
  • for uncle DNA tests
  • for grandparent DNA tests
  • for cousin DNA tests

Our network of local Clinics offers both peace of mind and legal Y-Chromosome tests...Male Relatives

Face to face DNA sample collection, consultation and clinical expertise from your dedicated DNA test case manager - even if your Y Chromosome test is not for legal purposes. Contact us today to organise an appointment for your Y-Chromosome test.

UK network of nurse's who can visit you at home or other specified locations...District Nurse

We have a growing network of registered nurse's throughout the UK and Ireland who are on call to collect your DNA samples for a Y-Chromosome test. To arrange an appointment for a nurse to collect your DNA samples, please contact the DNA Clinics on the telephone numbers listed above a complete an on-line enquiry form.

Y Chromosome DNA test Home Kits sent to your address or overseas...Young White Couple

A fast and convenient way for you to collect your own DNA samples for a Y-Chromosome test. Call DNA Clinics today to order a Home DNA Test Kit or visit our on-line store to order your FREE DNA Y-Chromosome test kit.

Which Y-Chromosome Test is right for you?

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What to do Next?

  1. Choose your preferred DNA sample collection service.
  2. For all Y-Chromosome DNA tests (except on-line DNA Test Kit orders), call FREE from the UK on 0800 988 7107 to organise your appointment.
  3. Attend the appointment to have your DNA samples collected by a fully trained professional.
  4. Your DNA samples are processed in Crystal Healths accredited laboratory.
  5. You will receive your Y Chromosome DNA test results via your chosen method.

Frequently Asked Questions for Y Chromosome Testing

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