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What is an Extended Family DNA Test?

The extended family DNA test will establish whether two individuals share a biological relationship or a common biological ancestor. The extended cousin DNA test can accurately identify relationships as far removed as 5th cousins. This DNA test should only be used when closer relatives are not available for testing in order to establish the link.

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What type of relation are we?

A biological relative is technically someone to whom an individual is connected by circumstance of birth. They are a person with whom the individual shares a family line or blood line. Our first biological links are to our parents, siblings and our own children.

As a relationship between two people becomes more complex and the family tree widens, it can become more confusing as to what the potential relationship is that exists.

Tracking individuals through a family tree can help establish where the potential link between two people lies.

If you believe you may be cousins and would like some guidance on how to check the level of cousinship, please follow the link below:

Guide to Cousinship >>>

At DNA Clinics, a clinical advisor will work with you to establish exactly what the situation is and what the known facts are, thus determining the correct form of test for your family.

How does the Extended Family DNA test work?

The test analyses genetic locations on the DNA strand for each test participant. These markers are compared and the matches calculated to provide evidence of what relationship most likely exists.

The test is based on the fact that the closer related an individual is to another person, the more DNA they will have in common.

Paternal and Maternal lines can also be mapped using Y Chromosome analysis and Mitochondrial DNA tests.

Are there other forms of DNA test that can be used?

It is important that you discuss the situation of the DNA test with our clinical team. Whether a different DNA test is recommended by your clinical advisor, will depend on the question you are trying to find answers to and who or what samples are available for testing.

The following DNA tests deal with relationships that are much more direct than the relationships requiring this extended family test. If it is possible to use one of the following tests to establish the biological link in question, then please let your clinical advisor know. These DNA tests include Sibling DNA tests, half sibling DNA tests, paternity tests, auntie DNA tests and more.

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Local support, expertise and assurance for handling your Extended Family DNA test...Indian Family

It is important that you have the support network in place when having a complicated DNA test to determine biological relationships for extended family. All of our Extended Family DNA tests are subject to legal protocols at sample collection and laboratory analysis due to the nature of the tests. Speak to a qualified scientist today to discuss your requirements.

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We offer the convenience to collect DNA samples from a location of your choice for you and potential extended family members. Call DNA Clinics to speak to a qualified clinical adviser who will guide you on the best way forward based on your circumstances.

DNA Clinics provide Extended Family DNA Testing as a legal DNA testJustice

Due to the nature of the Extended Family DNA test, all DNA tests of this nature are classed as legal tests (with the exception of self-collection DNA Test Kits). This is due to the complexity of the test and the requirement to ensure correct legal identification of each potential family member.

Which Extended Family DNA Test is right for you?

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What to do Next?

  1. Choose your preferred DNA sample collection service.
  2. For all Extended Family DNA tests, call FREE from the UK on 0800 988 7107 to organise your appointment.
  3. Attend the appointment to have your DNA samples collected by a fully trained professional.
  4. Your DNA samples are processed in Crystal Healths accredited laboratory.
  5. You will receive your Extended Family DNA test results via your chosen method.

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