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What is an Auntie DNA Test?

Auntie DNA testing is used as an indirect way of establishing the identity of biological parents. The test will establish whether a female is the Auntie of a potential niece or nephew. The Auntie DNA test should only be used when the parents of the potential niece or nephew are not available for testing themselves.

The Auntie DNA Test can provide up to a 99.99% positive proof of the relationship or it will exclude the relationship with 100% proof. The DNA Clinics DNA test is the most detailed and accurate Auntie test available.

  • ISO 17025 Accredited/ 100% Accurate Results
  • Inconclusive rate of 1 in 100
  • Peace of Mind options available
  • Known parent tested for free to improve tests accuracy

The Auntie DNA test is able to establish the following:

Is he my nephew? Is she my niece?
Is he my brother’s son? Is she my brother’s daughter?
Is she my dad’s sister? Is she my mum’s sister?

What are the types of Auntie DNA test?

Auntie DNA tests can be performed between a potential Auntie and Nephew, and a potential Auntie and Niece – or both.

There are typically two types of Auntie DNA Test, depending on the situation known:

  • Auntie OR Unrelated Test– This test is carried out when a person believes their sibling is the mother or father of an individual. A popular test is when a female believes her brother is the father of a child but the potential father cannot be tested.
  • Combination Tests – Sometimes multiple possibilities exist in a case. This occurs when test participants believe they are related but are unsure exactly how. An example of this could be ‘Am I his Auntie or his cousin?’ In these cases, each participant is independently compared to the others to assess the most likely biological relationship.

At DNA Clinics, a Clinical Advisor will work with you to establish exactly what the situation is and what the known facts are, thus determining the correct form of test for your family.

If a KNOWN parent is available for testing, then they will be included in the test for FREE as this may increase the overall accuracy of the auntie test.

How does the Auntie DNA test work?

The test analyses genetic locations on the DNA strand to create a DNA profile for each test participant. The DNA profiles of the test participants are then compared.

The test is based on the fact that biologically related individuals should have more DNA in common than unrelated individuals. On average the DNA of related individuals will match at more DNA locations than unrelated people.

Are there other forms of DNA test that can be used?

Auntie DNA tests are usually a way of testing the identity of a biological parent, without directly including that alleged parent in the test.

Although Aunty DNA tests can be very accurate and useful DNA tests, they cannot replace the tests that directly test the DNA of a biological parent. For example, if an alleged father is available for testing, then a Paternity DNA test should be used rather than an Aunty test with the sister of the alleged father.

Other forms of DNA test that should be considered included Sibling DNA tests, Y Chromosome analysis, forensic DNA testing and Maternity DNA testing.

Causes of inconclusive results in Auntie DNA tests

These DNA tests provide accurate results, but with any test removed for the direct relationship testing of maternity and paternity testing, there is small a chance that the test will yield an INCONCLUSIVE result. In the case of the Uncle test, the risk of an inconclusive result is 1% (1 in 100).

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Collecting DNA samples using mouth swabs is straightforward and painless. DNA Clinics self-collection DNA testing kits are available to order via our on-line store here FREE DNA test kit. Alternatively you can call 0800 988 7107 to order by telephone.

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What to do Next?

  1. Choose your preferred DNA sample collection service.
  2. For all Auntie DNA tests (except on-line DNA Test Kit orders), call FREE from the UK on 0800 988 7107 to organise your appointment.
  3. Attend the appointment to have your DNA samples collected by a fully trained professional.
  4. Your DNA samples are processed in Crystal Healths accredited laboratory.
  5. You will receive your Auntie DNA test results via your chosen method.

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