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*The Sibling DNA test price includes sample collection for 2 test participants plus 1 known parent. This includes testing 2 hypotheses/possible relationships, if more exist then an additional fee applies. The costs for additional test participants to take part in the Sibling DNA test is detailed below.

DNA Clinics provide full transparency for Sibling DNA test costs. However, there may be occasions when a personalised quotation is required, for example, if forensic DNA samples are needed for your paternity test. In these circumstances, DNA Clinics will inform you of any additional costs.

The Sibling DNA test price includes:

  • Sibling DNA Sample Collection* 
  • Collection of legal identification for legal Sibling tests
  • Legal verification by a trained sample collector for legal Sibling tests
  • Dispatch of Sibling DNA test kits
  • Any deposits required for your Sibling test appointment or test kits
  • Your Sibling test appointment
  • Full support from a dedicated case manager
  • Laboratory test analysis of your DNA Sibling samples
  • All Sibling DNA testing correspondence and reports
  • Post Sibling test support and optional counselling (counselling subject to additional charges)
Sample Collection Type Peace of Mind DNA Tests Legal DNA Tests
On-line Sibling DNA Test Kit £165 Incl. VAT N/A
Home DNA Sibling Test Kit £160 N/A
Local GP Collection £325 £375
Clinic / Pharmacy Visit £245 £375
Home Visit by Registered Nurse £275 £395
Onsite Collection by Registered Nurse £275 £395
All prices EXCLUSIVE of VAT

Additional costs for DNA Sibling testing

Sample Collection Type Peace of Mind DNA Tests Legal DNA Tests
Additional person to be tested (On-line order) £75 Incl. VAT N/A
Additional person to be tested (DNA test kits) £75 N/A
Additional appointment (same premises) £85 £85
Additional appointment (different premises) £125 £125
Additional person to be tested (DNA test appointment) £125 £125
Unusual sample collection e.g. Prisons or Hospitals Quote only Quote only
Additional Hypothesis Quote only Quote only
All prices EXCLUSIVE of VAT

Other costs you may have to pay for your Sibling DNA test

  • Forensic samples (Nails, teeth, bone etc.)
  • A sample collection fee from a GP
  • Optional counselling support after the results from your DNA Sibling test