DNA Testing

There is a great demand for DNA relationship testing in the UK. For example, we perform thousands of  DNA tests a year. Also, we believe these tests should be undertaken with the full understanding of those taking part. For instance, the results of a DNA test can have a big impact on existing family relationships. As a result of this, we provide counselling services at selected DNA Clinics.

Most tests we carry out have happy endings. As a result, family members can move on and build the relationships that have been proven. For example, DNA Clinics provided the DNA test results for a BBC series for a family in Yorkshire.

So, please take a look at the information for each test. Then, when you are ready, call us and speak to one of the team. They will guide you through the various options. Next, they will help you choose the right test for your circumstances.

Paternity Relationship Testing

A Paternity DNA Test is used to establish the biological father of a child. Also, paternity test results can be used for legal or peace of mind purposes.


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Father DNA Testing

Mother DNA Testing

Maternity Relationship Testing

A Maternity DNA Test is used to establish the biological mother of a child. Also, legal and peace of mind options are available for this test.


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Sibling Relationship Testing

The Sibling DNA Test establishes a biological relationship between potential siblings. Also, this includes whether they could be full or half siblings, or unrelated.


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Brother, Sister DNA Testing

Grandfather, Grandmother DNA Testing

Grandparent Relationship Testing

The Grandparent DNA Test can determine the biological grandparents of a child. Also, we can perform single or duo grandparent testing to improve accuracy.


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Twin DNA Testing

Twin DNA Testing, or Zygosity testing, is a type of DNA test to determine if twins are identical or not.


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Twin DNA Testing

Uncle, Nephew, Niece

Uncle Testing

Uncle DNA Relationship Testing establishes a biological relationship between a potential uncle and niece/nephew.


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Aunt Testing

Aunt Relationship DNA testing can determine a possible biological relationship between an aunt and a niece/nephew.


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Aunt, Nephew, Niece